1982 / “Horns are a Dilemma” – Pere Ubu

Perkus Tooth dealt in occult knowledge, and measured with secret calipersJonathan Lethem’s 2009 novel Chronic City concerns the friendship between Chase Insteadman, a former child actor turned idle New York celebrity, and Perkus Tooth, a writer and critic who spends most of his time in his walkup apartment, surrounded by the cultural ephemera he has […]

1980 / “Tell Me When My Light Turns Green” – Dexys Midnight Runners

There’s such a deep well of British pop eccentrics that you could field a team of just Kevins – the lineage runs from Ayers to Coyne to Shields. Even Swell Maps’ late Epic Soundtracks was born a Kevin. But there is no greater (or more eccentric) Kevin than the once, future and forever frontman of […]